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  What Do You Do If You Get a Chargeback? There are three questions you need to ask yourself if this happens. Do I actually have a policy that supports me in the event that this happens? You need contracts and documentation. You need to have things written down. You need to have a system […]

What To Do If I Get a Chargeback?

  Often times as creators we create things and do not protect them and they get stolen. How do I know what is a valuable asset that needs to be protected? There is a whole plethora of things to consider but let’s go through a few things. The look and feel of your business For […]

What IP Assets Should I Protect?

What is a trademark? A trademark is defined as a word, phrase, or design that identifies your goods or services or of someone else’s. When someone comes to look at you in the market, they will have an identifying something that separates you from others. A federal trademark gives you exclusivity when you have successfully […]

When Is A Good Time to Trademark?

  Don’t do it. Do not do it. Do not do it. No matter how much money you think you are going to make, do not do it. It is not worth the headache and stress. But, if you are going to do it, here are some safeguards you can always have in place and […]

Should I Go Into Business With My Familly?

What is an NDA? An NDA is a non-disclosure agreement, also known as a confidentiality agreement. It outlines certain information that is deemed confidential. Confidential means that one party can control what the other party can access and use that confidential information for. The agreement will specifically outline what is confidential and how the receiving […]

What is an NDA?

  How do you protect your business assets when you are interacting with social media communities such as Instagram, Facebook, email threads, etc.? Interacting with like-minded individuals and sharing with them is important. This is part of the community that you may be a part of. However, be limited in what you share and how […]

Should I Share My Ideas on Social Media?

What is a contract dispute? A contract dispute is simply a situation where you entered into a legal binding agreement with another person where you agreed to perform certain obligations and the other party agreed to perform certain obligations. However, sometimes, in business, we all learn that things are not always that clear and things […]

What Actions to Take In a Contract Dispute

Here are the three best pieces of business advice I have ever received and I’m sharing this with you! Tip #1: START. It is just as simple as that. Just start! Start where you are. Do not procrastinate. Do not put it off. If this is what you want to do, start. You are not […]

The Best Business Advice Ever

  When you go into a partnership with someone for a business, you are equally sharing the work and all things related to the business.  It is essentially a marriage. We will go over a few questions below that you should be asking your potential partner and yourself before making this decision.   1. Would […]

How Do I Pick A Good Business Partner?