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Don’t just secure the bag. Secure your business!

Whether you’ve already started your business or the pieces are just starting to come together, you’re here because you know you’ve got something good. And we’re talking “hide your snacks so you don’t have to share them with your partner” kinda good. 

But as bomb as your business idea may be, securing protection for your business from the start is one of the smartest decisions you can make. So good job showing up here! 

Mama didn’t raise no fool.



By leveraging our 12+ years in business operations and defense litigation skills, we’re ready to support you in establishing proper foundations. You’ll be set up to fend off problems like idea thieves while representing and guiding you through even the deepest of waters. (Like lawsuits brought by that customer you spent months trying to satisfy.)

We can support you in drafting business agreements, registering intellectual property, or representing you in a court of law. Basically, all the Uncle Sam-type things that make your head hurt when it comes to your business—we’ve got you covered. 

To get started, book a call so we can better understand your needs.

This is how we do it.

(even when it’s not Friday night)

We love helping small business owners like you navigate the exciting world of intellectual property and business law! While we do not offer free consultations, we've got something even better. Picture the scene, it's you and Attorney Anderson in a confidential setting, where you and her can dig deeper into your unique situation and you can obtain personalized answers just for you. 

We understand that every business is different, with its own set of challenges and business goals. That's why we believe in the power of having a 1:1 conversation. They are designed to give you the attention and expertise you deserve, helping you feel confident and legitimate in every business decision you make. 

Absolutely! We serve clients nationwide with the filing of their trademark applications because U.S. trademark law is federal law. This means the distance between you and ALF is not an issue when it comes to protecting your brand. So we beg of you, don't let us being from the sunshine state stop you from booking a consultation or allowing us to help you secure your intellectual property.

So you your like, okay, how much is all of this going to cost me? 

We understand you are curious about pricing, but here's why we don't list them online or quote you directly over the phone or email -- every business is unique and we want to learn more about your why and what's important to you know. Whether you're in the creation, protection or sharing phase of your business -- we are here to partner with you to ensure you are truly legitimate in your business making decisions. 

Let's start the conversation and discover the perfect solution for your business together - complete the contact form above to schedule your consultation today!.

We love your enthusiasm friend, but normally Attorney Anderson does not review documents before consultations. Here's why: those documents can often become an important part of our conversation during the consultation itself.

While not our standard practice to review documents before consultations, we do have a formation engagement process that you can complete to have the documents reviewed. Once we've finalized that step - we can absolutely dive deeper into reviewing your documents and discussing them in great detail.

We believe in making the most out of our consultations to provide you best business and Intellectual property solutions possible so save those documents for discussion during the consultation. 

Now rest assured that we are here to support and empower you every step of the way. 

You most certainly can friend! We try to make the scheduling process as easy as we can with our intake form, but we definitely get that sometimes, um - you just want to speak with someone on the phone and that's A-OKAY with us. 

All you have to do is call 407-801-8000 and our reception staff will be happy to assist you in getting your consultation booked. 

And if you don't have access to a phone but still would like to get some support with scheduling, email us at too.

Nope! If you have submitted this successfully, you do not have to submit it again. There are two options you have my friend. The first option is to check your email inbox. Why? Because after completing this form we sent over a little welcome and hello email to you with the link you need to proceed to get on our consultation calendar. Now here's option two, if you misplaced that email OR if you inbox looks anything like how Florida looks after a summer thunderstorm, then trust we get it - just click here to schedule.