Receive expert advice and a holistic approach to navigating the highs and lows of your business. 

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Get out of the trenches and sustain your success.

From the outside looking in, running your own business can seem like a “Mama, I made it” type of situation. But as a business owner, you know that sometimes it can feel more like “Mama, help me please!”

There’s no one to hold you accountable or tell you the next steps to take. You’re in uncharted waters. And the state of your business can have your face looking like you just snacked on some sour patches rather than some classic peanut M&Ms. 

This is why attaining support and an outside perspective can often be just what your business needs to gain clarity and move toward your goals.

Take your business from sour to sweet.

What is Business Consulting?

Is your business feeling weak in the knees? 

Running a business can feel lonely. For a lot of entrepreneurs or small business owners, their immediate circle doesn’t know much about running a business. So when it comes to getting out of sticky situations or moving your business forward, it can often feel like you’re in the trenches fighting alone. 

You’re not sure what strategic planning is needed to get your business to the next level, how to create an effective marketing strategy to increase revenue, or create workflows that allow you to run your business efficiently. 

You’re navigating on the fly. And I have to give it to you, that’s hard. (Whether you’ve been doing it for a long time or you’re just now starting.)

However, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be this way. Just because you don’t have big brand money doesn’t mean you can’t attain big brand support. Business consulting is the service that can take your business to the next level. 

Business consultants can survey things like your team management, accounting, marketing, and so much more to identify things holding your business back from growing the seeds you’ve planted. While it can be used for big corporations, the true value of business consulting is when it’s applied to small businesses. 

By working with an expert who can take a comprehensive view of your business, you can get the support and accountability you need to make it into the big leagues (or wherever it is that you’re ready to go.)


Together, we can develop a master plan.

If you’re down in the trenches, I’m ready to bring some good snacks and brainstorm a plan to help get you out. If you’re not in the trenches but ready to reach new heights, I’m still prepared to brainstorm and bring snacks. You’re getting snacks no matter what. 

Utilizing my extensive knowledge and experience as a business owner, business consultant, and business law professional, I’ll shine a light on the path forward. I’ll leverage my background to give you clarity around your business, support in accomplishing your goals, and a master plan to help you get there. 


If we’re getting really technical, a business consultant is typically brought in to help you solve a problem or achieve a goal. They’ll look at your business to get a complete picture and then provide you with recommendations or business strategies for moving forward. Some consultants also play an active role in executing their recommendations. 

That’s the technical version. 

The reality, though, is that when you find the right business consultant - they have the power to become your right hand. Yes, they can help you get to the next level by solving a problem or outlining a plan. But they’re also there to give you advice. You don’t know what you don’t know. And a good business consultant will ensure you understand what you need to know so you can stay out of situations you don’t want to be in. Like entering into that partnership with your pesky cousin.

Most business consultants should have a solid understanding of the best practices for running and managing a business. 

However, business consultants can have different specialties. 

Some business consultants might specialize in new businesses, eCommerce, or accounting. At the same time, some business consultants might have an advanced area of expertise that can cover the entire scope of your business’s needs. The most important thing is that you do your research when scoping out business consultants and ensure you get a consultant who has the expertise you’re looking for and the commitment to your business that you’ll need.

Here’s the thing. Most entrepreneurs are entirely new to running a business, which is why most startups have such abysmal rates. 

So if you’re new to running a business, this alone makes hiring a business consultant a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately, right now, the decisions you’re making for your business may just be the result of noisy posts you happen to see on social media. As a result, this could be causing you to waste your money and time when it comes to giving your business the tools it needs to grow.  

But when you hire a business consultant, you’re skipping over the noise. Instead, you’ll gain an outside perspective, a clear understanding of the needs of your business, and direct answers on how to address them. 

Whatsmore, hiring an experienced business consultant can give your business access to additional resources you may not have had access to before. For example, when you work with me, you’ll get access to my trusted and vetted network of service providers so that you don’t have to sift through applications when you’re ready to outsource. I’m the gift that keeps on giving.

You’ll know you need a business consultant when you read the FAQ section of a business consultant page!

Seriously though, you’ll know you need one when your business starts getting hard. Whether from the very beginning or when you’re a little further along in your business, when you find yourself in the trenches, it’s time to call out for help. 

If you need someone to bounce business ideas with, if you’re struggling to make business decisions, or simply experiencing frustration after frustration when it comes to achieving business goals or solving problems, don’t spend time burning yourself out. Get the snacks and support you need to climb out and get right back on track. 

The online space is noisy, and sometimes terms can get mixed up. So let’s set the record straight. 

A business coach is a service provider who is there to help sharpen and enhance talents you already have. Their focus will be on elevating you as a leader in your business. 

A business consultant is an expert who is there to elevate your business. By identifying the weaknesses in your business and turning them into strengths, a business consultant will ensure your business has the tools it needs to attain and sustain targeted success.

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