You’re not alone or going insane, running a business is hard.
Get knowledge, protective solutions, and the ongoing support you need to run a thriving business today from a firm that
won't make you feel small.

Elevate YOUR Ownership. Define your power. LEVERAGE your success. 


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You know ownership is the key, are you looking for a partner to make it happen?


You have been told to follow the rules.

However, if you are anything like our founder, Nequosha, then following the rules has brought about feelings of longing for more and unfulfilled.

You know that your way of doing things will change the game. You just need a partner to help you elevate your idea from just that a idea to reality.

A partner to help you not be robbed of what's rightfully yours.

A partner that understands that running a service based business is not for the faint of hearts!

A partner that is approachable and won't make you feel small.


We can be that for you.

Because here at ALF we know these feelings and desires for a partner because: 

  1. We are a service provider like you
  2. We know what it is like to have uncertainty with the changes of being running a business that one day it works and then one day it seems like it's not
  3. We know that legal can feel and be intimidating because you do not know what you do not know.
  4. We understand that if you given instructions on what is needed - you totally knock it out the park.
  5. We know for a fact that having support, access to knowledge and space to learn and do without judgment - makes for an unstoppable force.


Don't use
trial and error
as a legal strategy.
Let's partner to
map out your
next steps!


the ultimate

Are you a service provider seeking to fortify your business's value and protect your intellectual property?

Look no further than our exclusive Two for Two Bundle. This incredible offer includes a seamless trademark application filing with the USPTO, covering the filing fee for your desired class of protection, along with a thorough knock-out search, comprehensive responses to all non-substantive office actions, and an invaluable monitoring service.

And that's not all – we also provide a copyright registration filing with the U.S. Copyright Office for all your created works, including presentations, graphics, infographics, books, e-books, podcasts, and so much more!

No matter your desired outcome for your business – be it selling, licensing, or maintaining – safeguarding your intellectual property is a necessity. Don't miss out on this powerful tool for long-term success.

Lock in the Two for Two Bundle for only $1,350* by clicking below.



When we follow the create, protect & then share methodOLOGY -
leveraging comes easy!

start with knowing your desired outcome
for the business!

Whether you’re running a new startup or a seasoned highly-structured organization, our experienced team is ready to help with all things business law. From business formation to contracts, corporate representation, and more, trust us when we say:
we got you. 


Your IP is one of your most important assets as a business owner. ALF supports businesses in all areas of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, and IP defense. We’ve seen it all, and we’re ready to help you avoid the storm or navigate you through it. 



Moving into a new revenue and want to connect with a partner to get you strategic advice? Stepping into a new season of offers and clients want to make sure you're protected from risks? Get practical and strategic guidance to help you break through mental gridlocks and leverage your business!

BUSINESS consulting

Your impact is life changing &
is worthy of protection.

This is how we do it.



Let’s talk money.

Before you hit the “book a call” button, we want to be upfront with you: investments cost money. And why shouldn’t they?

At Anderson Law Firm, we are committed to safeguarding your ideas, innovations, and creative works, ensuring your business assets, intellectual property and business legacy, remains secure and profitable. 

While it is true that our services require an investment, it is important to consider the invaluable protection and peace of mind you will get in return. You would not expect top tier-legal representation, tailored strategies, and unmatched expertise to be cheap!

We understand that budget considerations are important, and we strive to provide pricing that reflects the complexity and significance of our work. Our fees are commensurate with the value we offer. 

Remember, when it comes to safeguarding your business, cutting corners is not cute!


Are we a good fit?

Miscommunication leads to complications
 & that’s not what we’re about.

If you’re ready to invest in the transformation but aren’t sure if we are the experts you’re looking for, here is how you can know if we are a good fit: 

+ You have gotten comfortable running your business. You have a full roster of clients and a great product suite. Now you are looking for strategies to move you into your next revenue money milestone for growth and scale. 

+ You’re building your bank of Intellectual Property, but you’re unsure about how to protect it. And you’re tired of constantly watching your back.

+ You are concerned you won’t be protected if something goes wrong with your offers because your contracts haven't been reviewed in two years or you have outgrown your previous online template contracts. 

+ You’re ready to stop doing this alone. You want a strong support system of experts who are ready to represent you if you need to lay the hammer down.

If that brought you some clarity, then you've probably been ready to get started since yesterday. So let’s get to it - click to book your call!


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