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There’s a lot of talk in these internet streets about what makes a successful business. Everything gets thrown on the table, from marketing to the right people to setting up proper operations.  Although all those answers hold their weight in helping a business owner succeed, none of them hold a candle to what can make […]

The Secret Sauce to Sustainable Success

Having a registered trademark is an important asset for any business. A registered trademark provides legal protection for a business’s brand and helps to distinguish it from competitors. It also helps to protect the business’s reputation and goodwill, by preventing others from using the same or similar marks. A registered trademark can help a business […]

The Value of Having a Registered Trademark


    A trademark is a federal protection tool that protects your name, your slogan, your signature sound, signature trade dress color, and many other things as it relates to your business. People seek out trademark protection because they would like to enforce their rights that come with creating something and protecting it such as […]

Can I Trademark A Name Someone Else Is Using?

What is a trademark? A trademark is defined as a word, phrase, or design that identifies your goods or services or of someone else’s. When someone comes to look at you in the market, they will have an identifying something that separates you from others. A federal trademark gives you exclusivity when you have successfully […]

When Is A Good Time to Trademark?

  1. It discourages others from using a trademark that is similar to yours. If someone does research into your trademark name and sees that there is another person in the same industry with that name, it will discourage them from using your name. 2. You will receive protection at the federal level. Registering your […]

Why You Should Protect Your Brand with a Trademark