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There’s a lot of talk in these internet streets about what makes a successful business. Everything gets thrown on the table, from marketing to the right people to setting up proper operations.  Although all those answers hold their weight in helping a business owner succeed, none of them hold a candle to what can make […]

The Secret Sauce to Sustainable Success

As a small business owner, contracts are a critical component of success. They ensure the protection of your business, its services, and your relationship with clients. Not only do contracts provide a clear legal framework for your business dealings, but they also help you build trust with your clients and establish expectations. Having a contract […]

Why Contracts Are Necessary for Every Small Business

As business owners, it is important to evaluate your intellectual property at the end of the year. Intellectual property (IP) is an important asset for any business, and it is important to take a step back and assess the value of your IP at the end of the year.

Intellectual Property Audit – End-of-Year Review

As a business owner, you have an important responsibility to protect your intellectual property from employees. This includes protecting confidential information, such as trade secrets and customer data, as well as protecting your brand and product designs. With the right strategies and precautions in place, you can safeguard your intellectual property and keep it safe […]

Protect Your Intellectual Property From Employees

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular in the technology world, and this includes the use of AI-based photo applications. With the ability to edit and enhance digital images, AI-based photo applications can be incredibly useful for photographers and other digital artists. However, there are potential dangers associated with the use of these applications that […]

Potential Dangers of Artificial Intelligence Photo Apps

Having a registered trademark is an important asset for any business. A registered trademark provides legal protection for a business’s brand and helps to distinguish it from competitors. It also helps to protect the business’s reputation and goodwill, by preventing others from using the same or similar marks. A registered trademark can help a business […]

The Value of Having a Registered Trademark


You’ve got your business name and logo down. Shoot, you’ve probably even started using a catchy slogan that’s building some real brand awareness. You’re out here making MOVES.  BUT—and yes, there has to be a “but,” as a business lawyer, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t play devil’s advocate and come through […]

Trademarks 101

You are in the shower and that solution to the problem that you have been pondering for weeks finally hits you! But, in the moment, you think that you’ll write it down later or somehow remember it later and that’s how the story ends, right? Nope, you end up forgetting that brilliant idea of yours. […]


We have all read the headlines that more and more people are starting businesses today than ever before, but one thing the headlines are NOT telling us are the mistakes people make when they launch this new life for themselves. These are the two mistakes that I see people making all the time: Not realizing […]

2 Massive Mistakes When Starting a Business!

I get asked ALL the time: “What should I trademark, Nequosha?” Well, the first thing you should consider trademarking is your brand name. Then, if applicable, your signature course name, and third, any other income-producing assets you may have. Your brand name is undoubtedly your company’s most important asset. This is how you present yourself […]

3 Things You Should Trademark Now!